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            Andrey Sigle


            Andrey Siegle was born in Ghorky on 15th of May, 1964 and the Siegle moved to Leningrad the same year. Andrey started to study music since he was 5.

            After Andrey had graduated from the Musorgskiy music college he entered Conservatory in the name of Rimsky-Korsakov, piano class (studio of Mr.Zarukin). He was invited by the head of Sweden Royal Academy to study the profession of a film music composer, which became the unique precedent in Russia.

            In the mid of 80th he became keen on sequencers, and other instruments which allow to imitate the sounds of the philharmonic orchestra. Andrey participated in recording of the albums for such music groups like «Kino», «Alisa», «Nautilus-Pompilius», and also projects for solo by Sergey Kurekhin and Boris Grebenshikov. He worked as an arranger and sound designer for these albums.

            He also worked as a composer together with Victor Tsoi and Kino at the creation of Igla (The Spire) (1988), Sobachye serdtse (The Dog's Heart) (1988), took part in the project named Posetitel museya (Museum Visitor) by Konstantin Lopushanskiy, the composer is Alfred Schnitke (1989).

            Andrey made his debut as a film music composer after the shooting of Klesh (The Tick 1990), produced by Alexander Baranov and Bakhit Kalibaev. This project had become a turning point in his career and from that moment Andrey started to compose music for motion pictures only.

            Among his works are: Sensation by Boris Gorlov, Koleso lubvi (The Wheel of Love) by Ernest Yasan, Poslednee delo Varenogo (The last affair by Vareniy) by Vitaly Melnikov, Prohindiada-2 by Alexander Kaliagin, Russkaya Simfonia ("Russian Symphony") by Konstantin Lopushansky, Chetirnadtsat tsvetov radugi (The Fourteen Colors of Rainbow) by Dmitry Svetozarov.

            Siegle became the composer of the first Russian serial named Ulitsi razbitih fonarey (The Streets of Broken Lamps). In 1998-2000 he composed for television series Agent natsionalnoy bezopasnosti (National Security Agent), Po imeni Baron (By the Name of Baron).

            The new turn was marked with the projects Telets (Taurus), Otets i sin (Father and Son), Solntse (The Sun) where he worked together with Alexander Sokurov, Russian producer. These projects were awarded a lot of prizes at the international festivals.

            A.S.D.S. Cinema Production Company was established in 2002 by Andrey Siegle and Russian producer Dmitry Svetozarov. The serial Tantsor (The Dancer), Tri tsveta lubvi (Three colors of Love) were released by this studio. Nastoiashie menti (The true Cops) and Favorsky are successfully completed. Proline-film Studio was established by Andrey Sigle in 2004. This studio is specialized in feature films. The Sun by Alexander Sokurov (in cooperation with Nikola-film) was presented at the 55th Anniversary International Berlin Film Festival, Gadkie lebedi (The ugly swans) by Konstantin Lopushansky are under production at the moment At present the project by Konstantin Lopushansky "Gadkie lebedi" according to brothers' Strugatsky novel is under post-production process. Siegle is a film music composer and a producer of this project. He is a co-producer of French-Russian project "Serko" (together with CDP Studio, producer Catherine Dussart) by producer Joel Farges. The opening night is planned to be held in March of 2006. Siegle was awarded a prestigious prize for "Best music" in the "Udalenniy dostup" feature film ("The Remote Access" by Svetlana Proskurina) at Kinotavr cinema festival in Sochi.

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