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            (Titanic - 1997)

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            Jonathan Hyde, Vern Urich, Kate Winslet,

            Guild Film Romania , Odeon Cineplex
            194 min
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            Parerea cititorului

            • Mira - 5 octombrie 2012, 13:00

              Your posting is absoultley on the point!

            • Camilla - 5 octombrie 2012, 19:56

              is in the movie-what are you talking about, maybe I msised st? Or you always skipped it-its right after riley becomes a vampire. Btw- i love most of the jacob scenes because mostly right after them I get the best E/B scenes- I just love it when E comes fullspeed to punch jacob after kissing bella- its very powerfull. But I admit that I love WFE so much because robowski is in nearly every scene- really looking forward to Cosm. What i m talking- I already got my BD Tickets and counting down the days, kind of silly telling everyday my teenage girls how happy I m that the days to november pass quite fast now:)

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            • Ghodbane - 7 octombrie 2012, 06:18

              "They want exactly the same thing from each other, they just have dienerfft ways of expressing it"Good morning!Apart from loving this, I LOVE the way Kristen speaks about her characters, and especially Bella, as she played her for a long time. She KNOWS her so well, and she speaks about her in such a way... I have never followed celebrities before but, can you name another actor/acress who did/does the same? Please, tell me if there is, because I think she's like nobody else. Awww, they are so beautiful...

            • xefvlx - 8 octombrie 2012, 21:06

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