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            Jarod Einsohn


            Jarod was born in Plano, Texas. Son of Michael and Barbara Einsohn, Jarod currently resides in Los Angeles where he lives with his youngest brother, Kyle. His other brother resides in Tyler. The oldest of 3, Jarod was always a basketball player and never knew that this would be his ticket in Hollywood. After only a short time in L.A., Jarod did basketball commercials with Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, and Jermaine O'neal. Struggling to find some consistent work, he credits Shane Duffy and the E League for some of his biggest jobs. After working on Eagle Eye, Jarod landed the role of "Randy" in the much anticipated film, Hurricane Season, with Forest Whitaker. This is a movie about a basketball team that loses everything from Hurricane Katrina, but finds a way to make every positive out of it they can. Often credits D.J. Caruso, who directed him in Eagle Eye, for the confidence to land the role in Hurricane Season. Jarod loves to play poker and basketball.