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            Theodor Halacu-Nicon


            Born on the Black Sea shores at the time of Communist oppression, son of two young opera ballet dancers, he grew into the artistic spirit of his parents although they never been close to him. He embraced art as a way of expressing himself into a world without words. Began as a painter from the age of 4, and had several international exhibitions, then later in his early 20s while studying at the National Art Academy of Bucharest, he discovered film as a new way of expression. From there on, he tried to take his artistic skills further and aimed to become a plastic artist into the world of moving and talking. He began with studying writing and then publishing a short novel collection, then what followed were several scripts and ideas. He's worked as an Assistant Director to fulfill his training on set and got the chance to work and learn from some of the best filmmakers of the decade. Since 2005 he is active as a Director/Writer/Production Designer/Producer and Camera Operator on Romanian and International projects. In 2005, he directed the first ever Romanian TV action Prime Time series. Lately photography has been another form of art he embraced. His first photography exhibition took place on August 2003 at a known gallery in Bucharest. In October 2005 he directed his first future film. A comedy based on a local fairy tale. What followed is another feature film and another original Prime Time Mini Series, named "17 - a tale of destiny". As an independent he continues producing his dreams.