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            Gregg Burton


            Gregg grew up in Levittown, Long Island. At age 13, he started making super 8 films and won a Humanities Grant as well as a Sofia and William Casey Grant. He majored in Communication Arts at New York Institute of Technology. Gregg was Senior Vice President of Operations at Rainbow Programming. Channel launches include: American Movie Classics, Bravo, Sportschannel and Independent Film Channel. He has consulted on media projects around the world, including a channel for women in China. He has taught workshops on storytelling to dozens of groups and Universities. Gregg Burton is a model and recently turned actor. He has partnered with Bart Gavigan in the UK. They have just completed a feature film: The Film-Makers Son. They have four upcoming feature films: Roadrunners, Women, Lighting in a Bottle and a Welsh Comedy. Gavigan will direct and Gregg will produce.