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            LaDon Drummond


            A native Texan, LaDon now lives between Los Angeles and Rome. Starting young, LaDon took advantage of every play at school and every pageant that remote, west Texas had to offer. Receiving not only accolades but also rewards, such as best actress from the Lone Star State's Interscholastic League, LaDon enrolled in the theater program at what is now Texas State University. After earning a B.F.A. in Theatre, she moved to Los Angeles and began the struggle of finding work. Her first job allowing for her SAG membership was that of an undercover FBI agent in CBS's mini-series: A Siege at Ruby Ridge directed by Roger Young. Working with the generous Laura Dern and hilarious Randy Quaid, LaDon knew she was on the right track. Television work continued whilst the stage called.

            In 2002, LaDon met Giorgio Serafini, an Italian director and writer. They immediately connected and were married January 10, 2004. Since their union, the partnership allows for both their creative forces to collide. One such example of their inspiration is the short film War (2005), written and directed by Giorgio, in which LaDon plays a US soldier in Iraq. The film was selected to numerous festivals worldwide and can be found as a feature on the DVD of "The Good War" starring Roy Scheider, a feature also written and directed by Giorgio. When in Italy, LaDon tackles the language well enough to find work. She is also a writer and filming is slated early next year for a short film adapted from one of her stories. Although she is no major star (yet), LaDon has come a long way from Hamlin, Texas. She constantly finds inspiration all around while absorbing an international way of life.