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            Akara Amarttayakul


            Akara Amarttayakul lived in the US since he was 11, got his first taste for the movies when he came home for holidays and was cast in Euthana Mukdasanit's Vithi Khonkla in 1991. But it was while making his second film, Mae Bia, a decade later that he fell under the spell of the film-making industry and decided to take acting seriously. His debut leading role in the erotic film Mae Bia (2001)

            His next movie role (in Saving Private Tootsie) was as a soldier assigned to protect a group of transvestites, but he was over-shadowed by the stars he was sent to protect.

            Jom Kamang Wej where he plays a policeman who sets out to hunt down a notorious criminal skilled in black magic and he has to get into the world of voodoo to outwit his target.

            The King Maker produced by David Winters and directed by Thai director Lek Kitiparaporn. This Western production is based on a chapter of Thai history set in the Ayutthaya period with many Thai actors in the cast. He plays Pan Bud Sri Thep, the lover of Thao Si Sudachan.

            He is also working on Prai Dhip, an adventure film. Recently he is shooting the new comedy flick "Ruk Dong Dang" (the name of movie may change later)

            His first TV drama, based on the life of Thai superstar Mitr Chaibancha, Mitr Chaibancha: Maya Cheewit was removed from the schedules before broadcast, and he got second billing to songstress Tata Young for his second TV drama Plai Tien.