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            Mei Oulund


            Beautiful talented actress Mei Oulund was born in the Copenhagen suburb Rødovre. She applied to Odense Teaters elevskole in 1991 and finished her education in 1995. She is focused on theater plays instead making movies, and had taken part in many Danish performances such as "Misantropen", "De fortabte spillemænd", "Grease", "Krøblingen fra Inishman", "Ulysses fra Ithacia", and many other plays. She also do lots of dubbing, specially for the Danish dubbing studio "Adapter". In 2002, she was chosen as the Danish voice of the beautiful Manga animated mechanical genius Bulma, in the animated Manga series "Dragon Ball Z" (1989). Mei Oulund is very TV experienced, because she had did lots of TV commercials. But her only really role in TV, was the role of Britta Hansen in the Danish TV series "Forsvar" (2003).