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            E.M. Fredric


            Eva-Marie was born in what she fondly refers to as the poor man's Monterey (or lettuce pit of the west coast) Salinas, California. The only daughter (of four children) to her father, William, who worked at Soledad prison moving onto Lieutenant and then boss of the SSU (Special Service Unit, Dept. Of Corrections) and her Munich born, mother, Maria Korn. Salinas is also hailed as Steinbeck country, where people pronounce the well known Rodeo as RO-DAY-OH.

            Fredric went on a college acting teacher's recommendation to train with Method instructor Jean Shelton in San Francisco area. An array of teachers were there, J.D. Trow her improvisation teacher and director who performed with Robin Williams. Visiting professionals, Harold Klurman, Stella Adler and more.

            This highly respected school had many gifted thespians go through her doors. Actors: i.e. Danny Glover, Joe Spano, Wendy Phillips, Charles Bouvier, Scott Paulin & blacklisted actor Wendell K. Phillips along with actor/director Dorothy Ann Puzo - the only writer/director daughter of Mario Puzo.

            It was at this school where Fredric would immerse herself in every aspect of theatre. She stage managed, did lights and sound for two one-act plays solely, stage managed "American Buffalo" in both Berkeley and San Francisco and made her debut at Shelton's in "Joe Egg."

            She was a member of the One-Act-Theatre Company in San Francisco and a hit play she was a lead in was requested by The Magic Theatre for midnight shows, "Fumed Oak." The director decided against it, so Fredric decided to come to Los Angeles. Within two years she was in SAG through her writing and by producing a demo reel of her acting range.

            She has belonged to many theatre companies in Los Angeles, West Coast Ensemble, Gypsy Playhouse, etc.