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            Lee Craven


            On October 28tth 1982 Lee Craven was born into this world. For the first five years they were living in a tower block in Southampton and his parents brought him and his younger brother up with respect and discipline. Later they moved to a council estate and Lee went to the local infant school (Sinclair) and middle school to finally secondary school (Millbrook). Throughout these childhood years Lee was a bright child with a creative mind and while visiting his grandparents at weekends he spent his time making things and tinkering in the garage with his granddad. Lee's parents divorced when he was five which was a difficult time and it was down to his mother to bring the children up on her own. Without his father around Lee became a terror from hell "uncontrollable" and in time moved to his father's home but with continued trouble went back and forth between his parent's homes.

            Lee was a short boy at the age of twelve and on occasion he was picked on and bullied but he kept it to himself and finally spoke out after a few months. Although his secondary education was marred with skipping school and bad behavior he finally knuckled down and left school with his grades. Lee couldn't see himself at college so went straight into work with his father on furniture removals. Earning a good wage Lee could buy his luxuries and things he wanted but could never afford before.

            Throughout his teenage years Lee was more creative and looked ahead into the future. Although he had plenty of ideas and dreams Lee couldn't follow them at this stage with all the problems and trouble Lee was getting into. Around 2004 Lee met a young woman and after a year together the trouble slowly drifted away they moved into a new apartment. When things were looking up Lee was attacked by a group of males outside his partners parent's house which left with a broken tooth and the group of males stuck around causing some trouble but life went on. Everything was great for the first two years and then relationship problems started going from bad to worse. Lee had abuse from outsiders and violence even windows broken and belongings stolen and after six long tough months from all the trouble and trying to work things out with his partner he found out the trouble and violence was planned against him so Lee left. Within these six months Lee was mentally ill, hair loss, weight loss and he locked himself in for months back at his mother's home. After eight months Lee slowly got himself back on his feet even though he was always on alert while out. Lee then found himself a new home a year later and started his life all over again including changing jobs.

            Custom cars became part of Lee's life and he spent thousands on his hobby. After a further relationship failed Lee disappeared from previous memories where no one knew where he was. At the age of twenty five Lee decided to do his own thing and achieve his dreams and he started to write lyrics for songs and make his own backing tracks for personal use. Loving this creative side Lee began to create models and art work and self-taught himself tattooing completing three pieces of work. Other interests were stock car racing and he was in a local team playing American Football. Lee went on to have a beautiful baby girl although the relationship ended. He saved and managed to buy a property abroad, which he still owns today. Lee then took his Class 2 test and passed and found a new job working in traffic management. While working long shifts at night Lee had spare time in the day and was invited along to be an extra in a film. Lee enjoyed every minute of the experience and pushed himself from being an extra to an actor. Lee has attended auditions in Hollywood for TV and Film in front of casting directors and agents and attended the Stella Adler Academy of Acting in Los Angeles while on the Hollywood program. He has been involved in student TV and feature films with credits on IMDB and has also been published in Marie Claire magazine back in November 2010. Lee has begun to write his own scripts and plans to start filming in the near future and is continuing his acting career. Lee will follow his dreams and is accomplishing them with a strong mind and a passion for acting Lee's journey will continue in life.