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            Ben Zeller


            Ben has had a diverse career both on screen and on stage.

            He has acted in many plays over his life, the majority of which were with Bill Fegan's Kaleidoscope Players. He has also written several plays and some, such as "Some Die From Drinking Water" and "Back to the Hat Factory" produced.

            In addition on the silver screen, he has worked behind it as well. Ben worked in the Art and Construction departments of numerous films, including Dances With Wolves, Wyatt Earpp, Medicine Man, McHale's Navy, Fool for Love and Silent Tongue.

            Ben has also written two novels. In his book "The Coordinator, several killings, attempted murders and kidnappings plague a Hollywood company preparing to film in the coastal jungles of Mexico.

            His other novel, "Firedamp" is a story of love, hate and revolution, of heroes and villains. In the late eighteen/early nineteen hundreds thousands of poor but hopeful immigrant coal miners, railroaded to the Colorado/New Mexico border, found themselves and their families in a hostile environment. Forced to work under deplorable conditions for next to nothing, they fought back. It is this story and the story of the powerfully wealthy men who tried to drive them to do their bidding.

            He has a home on Mexico's Pacific coast and a ranch in Tinaja, N.M.