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            Cris Huerta


            Cris Huerta started with a small part in a mythological "peplum" made in Italy, and went on doing typically fat, dirty, bad guys in "spaghetti westerns", up to Alfredo Mayo's Arriva Sabata! (1970). He can be seen in the unforgettable French western by Christian-Jaque, Les pétroleuses (1971).

            In Storia di karatè, pugni e fagioli (1973) he and Dean Reed will play a pair of bandits in the fashion of the Italian predecessor team of Terence Hill, the lean, hunky bandit, and Bud Spencer - Cris Huerta's fat, ugly brawler.

            He is the Priest in La cité des enfants perdus (1995), in the horror genre, in a varied and long career not unlike that of Fernando Sancho. He has a few TV appearances, early in his career, and then after 1997's in a series for Spanish television.