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            Martin Katz


            An internet pioneer, Martin Katz was employee number 3 at Microsoft's MSN Canada where, as executive producer, he created the first episodic "web-umentary." The web-based documentary entitled Splice examined the work of Marshall McLuhan in the context of a society in transition from an analogue to a digital world. He developed and produced innovative interactive programming in collaboration with Pulitzer Prize-winning author Carol Shields, celebrated director David Cronenberg and comedians Jean-Guy Moreau and Rick Mercer. He also created the first 3-D internet experience, a Halloween special based on the successful YTV kids' series, Freaky Stories.

            Katz holds degrees in law from the Universities of Toronto and Paris and has served as professor of law at the University of Moncton and Special Lecturer in Intellectual Property Law at the University of Toronto.

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