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            Jorgen Berthage


            Jörgen Berthage got into acting in 2003, when he and a friend got a job as Extras in the Swedish television series Komissare Winter. From that day on, he was hooked on acting and started to pursue an career in Showbiz. That same year he got a part in an short film,called If it only was true, an poetic and artistic short film made by Trollhättan Filmstudents. He continued to do different small parts in both film and television but also some commercial work like an Infomercial for Ericsson. In 2004 he landed the part in the Swedish sci-fi Movie Storm by Måns Mårlind and Björrn Stein. Jörgen played one of the Goons: The evil and violent henchmen that male lead D.D played by Eric Ericsson and Female Heroinne Lova, played by Eva Röse is up against. Jörgen, who had to shave his head bald for the part, described the days on set as "intense but wonderful." He also believes the Directing-duo Mårlind/Stein has changed the way people look at Swedish films. In 2007 Jörgen joined a group of Swedish actors and stunt men dedicated to act and perform as Policeofficers in Movies and Television. Since then he has appeared in several small parts in Swedish films and TV productions. Besides acting Jörgen enjoys writing screenplays and is working on an concept for a new TV Drama series.