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            Joe Pawlenko


            Joe Pawlenko was born on February 24, 1985 at Holy Redeemer Hospital in Meadowbrook, Pennsylvania; the third of four children to parents Ivan and Katherine, he joined older brothers Nick and Ivan and would later be followed by a younger sister, Jill. As a child growing up in the Philadelphia area, Joe first knew he wanted to become an actor at the age of twelve when he discovered his passion for storytelling and enrolled in a summer program for young actors in his community.

            Bolstered by this new direction in his life and with an eye towards performance, he pursued his acting craft into his teenage years, which found him under the tutelage of Lori Lee Steel Naglak. Joe credits Ms. Naglak for much of his development as a beginning actor, and the two still enjoy a working relationship today.

            While attending Council Rock High School in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Joe impressed judges and spectators alike with his performance of a monologue from Hamlet. The piece garnered him first-place in a Shakespeare contest and his first major accolades in the form of an invitation to recite the piece at the Barrymore Theater in Philadelphia.

            Growing more confident in his abilities as a thespian, and with a desire to integrate the full cinematic perspective into his work, Joe enrolled at the University of Pittsburgh in pursuit of a Film Studies degree. During his undergraduate career, he continued to hone his skills under the supervision of Stefano Muneroni, and also worked extensively with David Early and the Pittsburgh Filmmakers, which is the oldest and largest Independent Media Arts Center in the United States. Balancing his academic career and burgeoning acting pursuits, Joe maintained a life as a typical college student, making money by tending bar at Peter's Pub, a beloved establishment on the University's iconic Oakland campus.

            Having graduated the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in film studies, Joe is making his way onto the Hollywood scene. He can be seen in the role of "Nicky's Pal" in the film Adventureland, directed by Greg Mottola of Superbad fame. Filmed in the Pittsburgh area, Adventureland represents Joe's biggest exposure to date, allowing him the opportunity to work alongside Hollywood mainstays such as Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart, and Bill Hader among others.