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            Gary Comerford


            Gary was born in the place where Jenny Agutter's film "The Railway Children" (Keighley, West Yorkshire, UK) was shot and moved shortly after from there to the location for the long-running BBC show "The Last Of The Summer Wine" (Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, UK), so it was inevitable that he would end up working in the movies and TV.

            He also lived in Australia during his youth and moved down to London, England, after graduating college. After six years in London he went to live in Belgium for four years working in the corporate world.

            On his return to the UK he become involved in community theatre with a local group and soon found himself playing the lead in productions such as 'Blithe Spirit'. 'The Importance of Being Earnest', and 'My Fair Lady'.

            This lead to an approach from a company that was filming nearby and his first role in a 'proper' film, Easy Virtue.

            Gary likes to keep himself busy and when not filming he also writes and directs.