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            Linda Linsley


            Linda joined the thousands of Michiganders who benefited from Governor Jennifer Granholm's generous Film Tax Incentive that brought Hollywood activity to her native state of Michigan in 2008. She was fortunate to see some of the best directors, producers, and crews during the early years of filming. Having been raised in immigrant communities and attending 11 schools by the age of 15, she learned acting as a survival mechanism, but had no formal training. Being a naturalized American citizen, she has dual British and American nationality. Having lived in three countries and three geographically diverse regions in America has added to her repertoire of characters that she can portray. Among the many accents she is familiar with and can reproduce is French, Scottish, Geordi, Cockney, German, Italian, Spanish, Southern, Midwestern and Southwestern USA. She is good at imitating a wide variety of animals and age brackets, having a three and a half octave vocal range. If one type of sound doesn't fit, she can step into the character of another one. Married, mother of three grown children, grandmother and running a small farm on 13 acres in the country, she lives one day at a time, enjoying whatever life may bring across her path. Linda was born in Sarnia, Ontario to John and Sheila Box, along with her older sister Connie, all of whom had immigrated to Canada in 1952. The family immigrated to America in 1959, the first home being in Battle Creek, Michigan. John Box worked on Grand Trunk Railroad and moved his family frequently in search of a better position in the company. He formed three bicycle clubs in Michigan, and his two daughters raced with top honours in the sixties. Both parents have since passed away, leaving Linda and her sister as lone survivors of the legacy of their parents. Linda resides in the Greater Lansing Area in Mid-Michigan with her husband, Ed Linsley, their family and his extended family. Her location is central to Michigan Films being between the two major film municipalities of Grand Rapids and Detroit.