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            Dan Raynham III


            Dan Raynham was born in the Eastend of London, UK. He was raised in Barking, Rainham and Chelmsford, Essex. Due to personal circumstances he dropped out of school and started his first business at the age of 15. While continuing to run his business he studied to graduate from school and gain a BSc. (Hons) degree in Biologcal Science.

            He is a self-taught singer, guitarist, composer and music producer. He had various record deals during the 00's. He continues with band work as lead singer and song writer with UK band Kings Cross. They are set to release their second studio album in 2012. With fellow songwriter and producer Pete Vicary he has had a string of composing success in TV. They are working on expanding this into the film arena.

            His pursuit of acting was aided and inhibited by music industry dealings, he now manages his music projects privately, and has stated that the 'music industry influence has been exorcised'. He is now pursuing the Production of his own multi-genre TV content including 'Extreme World Tour' and 'Why We Do Stuff'. As well as working on a new Film Short with fellow band member Ellie Kiff.

            In his spare time he is a zealous outdoor fitness guru, and enjoys training various clients and spreading the word of health and fitness.

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