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            Beth Stolarczyk


            Beth is one of the original reality stars who has turned her 15 minutes of fame into almost 20 years! Known as the first Reality TV Bitch whose instigation of drama has made her an audience favorite, appearing in multiple MTV's challenge series such as The Gauntlet 3 and The Duel, Beth remains a household name for many reality fans. Beth first catapulted into stardom in 1993 on MTV's The Real World: Los Angeles, the second season of the longest running reality show on TV. Over the years, Beth has appeared in over 30 shows, specials, hosting, reunions and "aftershows" on MTV. She is well known as being the original drama queen of reality TV. In 2004, Beth's production company, Planet Beth LLC, began producing calendars with the Sexiest Men of Reality TV and The Sexiest Women of Reality TV for one of the nation's largest calendar companies. In 2005 she began creating and producing shows for Pay Per View, INDemand and DirecTV based on her calendar concept.

            In 2000, Beth formed a company with Danny Duchovny and began managing other reality stars. She closed a deal with Playboy to do one of the first reality star celebrity spreads and was featured alongside three other reality TV stars in May 2002. Shortly thereafter, this experience prompted her to produce a well-received live burlesque dance show in Las Vegas featuring a group of reality TV stars.

            Beth developed a treatment for a reality spoof horror film, Real Movie. The project was optioned for six figures to Interlight Films in September 2000.

            For the past 4 years, she has continued to produce her calendars and TV shows. She also just finished writing a book and video, "How To Get Cast As A Reality Star." In 2011 she added "inventor" to her portfolio, creating a unique cupcake dispenser called Squeezie Cakes licensed to one of the world's largest infomercial companies.

            Projects in development center around her new passion, motherhood. Beth is the proud mother of Julia(3) and Nicholas (1).

            Beth holds a BFA in Acting and TV, Film and Radio Production from Ohio University