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            Ron Yuan


            Yuan lent his expertise as Action Director for Ed Brubaker's "Angel of Death" w/ Zoe Bell(Sony) and Sundance sensation "Black Dynamite(Sony). Yuan also starred, produced and directed additional scenes for the upcoming feature "The Girl from the Naked Eye". In the past, Yuan consulted on"Blood and Bone"(Sony) and "Ella Enchanted"(Miramax)

            Yuan's MiniFlix Films with Sony Television (SPE) co-produced three edgy graphic novel stylized films(Three Bullets, Tea and Remembrance, Lollipops) in which Yuan wrote, produced and directed. Yuan's award winning work in short film and features has premiered in over 30 festivals worldwide (including Toronto, Sundance, Tribeca, Greece, Egypt, Beijing, Macao, Newport, Texas, Seattle, Kansas City, Los Angeles and Comic Con)

            Now Yuan's writing and vision behind the camera is breathing a new energy into the film arena. In development are Yuan's "Wind and Water" "Unspoken" "Cold" and twisted post-apocalyptic martial arts western "Forgotten 8" in which the latter pairs Alex Tse(Watchmen) as producer.

            At the age of 17, Yuan was brought in to the action game by famed fight director Jimmy Nickerson (Raging Bull, Rocky, Ali) Yuan was one of the first American actor/choreographers to work with Hong Kong action film legends: Richard Ng, Hung Yan Yan, Sammo Hung, Dion Lam as well as Corey Yuen, Stanley Tong, Ringo Lam and Jet Li.

            Yuan continues to make marks with his character portrayals on FOX's "Touch" opposite Keifer Sutherland created by Tim Kring (Heroes), NBC's "Awake" opposite Jason Issacs created by Kyle Killen and recently HBO and FOX projects "All Signs of Death"opposite Ben Whishaw directed by Alan Ball(True Blood) and "Exit Strategy" with Ethan Hawke directed by Antoine Fuqua (Training Day).

            Yuan also had memorable turns on hit series and films (Prison Break, CSI:NY, 24, Burn Notice, NCIS:LA, Pushing Daisies, Entourage, Art of War, Fast and Furious, Cradle to the Grave, Blood and Bone) as well as being the voice behind major gaming campaigns (Star War's Old Republic, Medal of Honor, Army of Two, Guild Wars, Deus Ex, Drake's Uncharted, and many more).

            Ron Yuan has just been added to the cast of CBS Pilot "Golden Boy" He joins Theo James, Kevin Alejandro, Chi McBride, Bonnie Somerville and Holt McCallany in the hour long drama from Nick Wootton and Greg Berlanti. Yuan will play hard nosed Lt. Pete Kang in a recurring character arc. Shooting begins April in Brooklyn, New York.