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            Peter Kepler


            Originally from Chicago, Illinois. Peter now resides in California. Peter has appeared in over 50 films and commercials. He has also been the voice for dozens of characters from video games for Sony, Panasonic, Sega, and others. One of his most noted voice characters is that of "Colonel Grimm" for the Sony Army Men game series. In the game Tomba II he is the voice of 18 characters including Tomba, other credits include Jason Chance in Syphon Filter, Mech Warrior and Phantasy Star Universe.

            Peter Kepler can be seen as a Banker the upcoming feature Film "Cherry" in scenes with Heather Graham and Dianne Farr, the movie also stars Ashley Hinshaw, Dev Patel, Lili Taylor and James Franco, directed by Stephen Elliot. He can also be seen in the upcoming films "The American Dream" as a Bi Polar drug dealer and as Christian Preacher in the mockumentary "Joey" . He is also as a co-star of an upcoming episode of "I Almost Got Away With It " as NYPD Detective Savino (Season 4 episode 6 Braunstein Episode).