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            Carlos Funes


            Carlos Funes is a filmmaker born in El Salvador and now operating out of New York. He's been attached to projects as a director, writer, editor, digital effects animator and more. His work has earned him more than a few awards, including multiple nods from the world famous Alamo Drafthouse's Filmmaking Frenzy and his latest Best Script award from Toronto's Wildsound.

            Funes is also the founder of his own production company Clasico Entertainment. Under the Clasico moniker Funes has produced several crowd- pleasing shorts. The company has also recently expanded to feature-length films. One is an adaptation of his latest short "This Is Kilo 3," a film about a radio operator doing his best to aid a downed pilot who's in the wrong place at the wrong time. Funes and his partner-in-film Dan Dalbout are also furiously adapting their biting, but hilarious, short "Tobey McGraw: America United" into a full-length film.

            In addition to his Clasico oeuvre, Funes has worked on projects for IBM, Lionsgate, Texas Parks & Wildlife, Lenovo, Verizon and the Alamo Drafthouse to name a few. Later this summer Funes heads off to the northeast to begin work as first assistant director on "The Awakened," a feature-length thriller featuring Edward Furlong.

            There's nary an aspect of filmmaking (in front of or behind the camera) that Funes can't handle. His wit as a writer and skill as a director are assets to any project.