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            Dan MacDonald


            DL MacDonald was 19 years old when he moved from Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia; to the big city of Toronto. Enrolled in "Acting for Stage, Film and Television" at the International Academy of Design and Technology / Toronto Film School, DL quickly made a name for himself as the go to indie action guy. He started making his own action films when he was 15 with his friends and family, and wanted to pursue larger endeavours and collaborations now that he was in a central hub for creativity.

            DL quickly co founded an independent stunt/film team with Alex Chung called The Eclipse Stunt Crew. Their works were all accessible online via YouTube and other streaming websites. The work DL had done with his own team had caught the eyes of others and he soon became involved in Riot A.C.T after the disbanding of ESC.

            Now DL works as a Knight at Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament where he gets to flex both his stunting and acting muscles in various rolls throughout the show.