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            Graziela Albini


            Graziela Albini, was born in 1926, in the "Mots' Country" ("Tara Motilor), in the very North of Romania, a place she was very proud of. She finished the "Faculty of Theatre" in Timisoara, in 1950, becoming an actress with the local "State Theatre", later with the Theatres "Giulesti" and "Bulandra" in Bucharest. In spite of playing eight main parts in films, as: "The Eruption" ("Eruptia") in 1957, "The Men next to you" ("Omul de langa tine") in 1961, "Love, for an Evening" ("Dragoste lunga de-o Seara") in 1963, "Codine" (1963), awarded at the Film Festival in Cannes as the best screen play, "Sunday, at 6 o'Clock" ("Duminica, la Ora 6") in 1965, working with famous Romanian directors as: Lucian Pintilie, Liviu Ciulei, Horea Popescu, Paul Calinescu and the French Henri Colpi, next to famous Romanian actors as: Fory Etterle, George Calboreanu, Irina Petrescu, Victor Rebengiuc, Tamara Buciuceanu, Emanoil Petrut, Silvia Popovici, Ernest Maftei, Octavian Cotescu, Stela Popescu etc., getting to be a well-known actress of the '50-'60s, participating also in many Radio and TVR programs, she became "tired" and "fed up" with the "communist" system, deciding in 1969 to leave the country and take into exile. She went first to Germany, where she stayed for 6 years, reading - from time to time - new for "Radio Free Europe" ("Radio Europa Libera") in Munich, after which she moved further to Canada, settling in Montreal, where she pursued her artistic aims, also in the last year of her life, in spite of her illness, achieving to publish two volumes, one of poetry and the other one of prose. She was buried on Monday, 25 August 2008, at the funeral complex "Mont Royal".