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            Lanette Fugit


            Lanette was born in Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley on August 9th. She is primarily Northern European. Her roots in America go back to Jamestown Virginia, an American Legacy since 1623. Fugit is an old English name, the first Fugit was born in 1689 in England. Her father, Larry, is of English, Scottish, Welsh, Manx, Irish, French, Dutch, German descent and some Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and American Indian. Her mother, Linda, is of French, Swedish, German and Irish descent. She is the youngest of six children. Her education is in Theater and Business at the SLC College in Utah and SMU Dallas, Texas. She has lived in Los Ageles, Hawaii, New York, Utah, Texas, Nevada, and traveled to Canada, Mexico, The Virgan Islands and Aruba. She studied ballet and karate at a very young age and continued to take dance through out high school years along with sports and singing, she also enjoys music. Lanette was also Ms. Hawaiian Tropic of Utah. She began her modeling career as a youth and is now a working actress and model. Booked in Film, Commercial, Print Modeling and most seriously in Acting. Lanette got her acting start in Theater at the SLC College. She moved to Los Angeles and then Texas were she was booked in Film, Television, National Commercials, National Spokesperson, Emcee/Presenter, TV Host, Voice-Over, Print Campaigns and Cover Magazines.