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            Bernie Ask


            Bernie Ask is an American character actor often portraying menacing figures on screen. Off screen finds him more likely to be playing Santa, or entertaining young and old with his comedy routines at community events. Bernie first enjoyed being a class clown and mimic in his early school days as a way to gain popularity and to get the attention he thrives on.

            Both comedy and combat became important roles as Bernie embraced both his comic skills as emcee of a nightclub in suburban Chicago, coached and competed as a wrestler, and was an active member of a boxing group. With a detour into product development and entrepreneurial efforts Bernie has traveled to all 50 states and to 15 countries as lead product developer and spokesman for a highway safety company. For his work he was issued 4 US Patents, numerous Copyrights and Trademarks and was interviewed frequently for TV and Radio News coverage of his highway safety product development efforts.

            During breaks from his travels Bernie continued to engage in local theatrical events and as a comedian in an ensemble comedy troupe.

            Since his return in 2010 to acting, Bernie has been in 16 productions, ranging from Studio Productions to low budget indie projects. He has performed roles ranging from paranoid scientist, to mobsters, cowboys, serial killer and pan handler. In addition, Bernie has been in period pieces portraying a plantation owner, a Civil War era Cabinet Officer, a '60's mob boss and an early 20th Century Courthouse Patron at a famous trial.

            He has trained under Jeanmarie Collins, a noted Spolin Improv Technique coach and continues his study of the craft when not working on a film or TV project.