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            Byron Thames


            Byron Thames moved to Los Angeles from New Orleans with his mother when he was 8 years old. At age 11, he began acting classes and was hired to do his first television series, "Father Murphy" (1981). He worked with Michael Landon on this show for 2 seasons and then went on to do other films and TV guest appearances. At age 15, he moved back to Mississippi, where he was born, to live with his father and go to high school. There, he remained for 2 years before returning to L.A. to resume acting. At 17, he got his own apartment and went back to work in TV and film. His first job upon his return was, coincidentally, "Highway to Heaven" (1984), again with Michael Landon. By age 19, he was doing another series, with Barbara Eden, called "A Brand New Life" (1989), created by Chris Carter ("The X Files" (1993)) and also starring Jennie Garth ("90210" (2008)). At age 20, Byron married and had a son by age 24. Throughout his 20s, Byron worked on and off and appeared in Don's Plum (2001), with Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire, before breaking once again from acting to write and persue his goals with his band, "Duke Daniels", in which he played piano and organ. After recording an album, touring the U.S., and educating himself in the production of TV and film, Byron is acting, writing, directing and making music.

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