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            Rik Parker


            Rik Parker, born to loving parents who raised him in the Washington area - began his acting career in 1991 at a small acting school in Northern Virginia. He found his love of writing in high school where he would create small scenes for his friends to act out in their homes.

            Parker spent his teens and early twenties enjoying a decadent lifestyle in major nightclubs in Washington and NYC. A one time 'flyer-boy' for local clubs in the Washington/Baltimore area, Rik became a protégé of several of the top House DJs of the time including James Graham and Sam Burns. His close relationship with Graham led him to NYC where he met legendary talents such as Larry Levan of Paradise Garage.

            Through new friends Rik had a chance meeting with Jennifer Gatien who brought him to her father's NY nightclub The Limelight which started an obsession with nightlife that has included the design of two large venues, production of hundreds of celebrity events, and countless sleepless nights.

            Today, Rik is working to produce his first feature film while continuing work on his screenplays. He also continues to host amazingly fabulous events for top names in fashion and entertainment.