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            Michelle Stacy


            Michelle Stacy was a cute, prolific and pretty popular child actress of the 70s who acted in both films and TV shows alike for six years straight. Perhaps best known as the voice of "Penny" in the charming Disney animated feature, The Rescuers (1977), Michelle also had memorable small parts in the science fiction pictures Logan's Run (1976) and Demon Seed (1977). Stacy was excellent in a sizable supporting role as a traumatized mute girl who's rescued and protected by Jon Cedar in the immensely entertaining revolt-of-nature horror outing Day of the Animals (1977). She also did guest spots on such TV shows as "Mannix" (1967), "The Waltons" (1971), "The Incredible Hulk" (1978), "Eight Is Enough" (1977) and "B.J. and the Bear" (1978) and popped up in a bunch of TV commercials for Peter Pan Peanut Butter in the late 70s. Following her hilarious cameo as the little girl who likes black coffee in the uproarious Airplane! (1980), Michelle Stacy suddenly stopped acting and seems to have vanished into oblivion.