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            Howard Cosell


            When you think of the words honesty, straight from the shoulder, and tell it like it is, you think of one man: Howard Cosell. Howard is best remembered as the greatest sportscaster in the history of sports. His way with words and ability of telling like it was, brought him fame not only in America, but all over the world. Perhaps, no one will ever forget the memorable moments that he and Muhammad Ali spent together. How they made fun of each other and played with each other are legendary.

            Howard also appeared several times with Dean Martin in the 70s on some of Dean's celebrity roasts, honoring people like Bob Hope, Bette Davis, Mr. T, even Dean Martin himself, and probably the man whom he knew the most: Muhammad Ali. After the 80s, Cosell drifted away from fame. On April 23, 1995, Howard passed away with heart embolism. But, surely, no one ever forgets how honest and straight-going Howard Cosell was.