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            Emanuel L. Wolf


            Emanuel L. Wolf "Manny" took over Allied Artist in the 1970s. Allied, on the verge of bankruptcy, was saved by Emanuel Wolf; with his first picture in which he had creative and executive control, including final edit, final script, and final say, which is rare now in 2012.

            Cabaret, which won 9 academy awards, was a big come out for the new movie mogul as documented my new york newspapers, while the Film business had predominantly moved to Los Angeles and the sunny west coast. Allied Artists was the last of 9 independent film companies that were yet part of the majors (Universal, United Artists, MGM, Columbia, Paramount, etc.)

            Manny played a big role behind the scenes with Cabaret, as documented in the new release DVD/Blu-Ray which has a "making of the film" documentary.

            First He secured Bob Fosse, who after being hugely successful on Broadway, had bombed his last two pictures and looked to be on the way out of Hollywood with no one else wanting to use a director who could make a horrible film for a billionaire s wife.

            Second, Emanuel Wolf went to his friend who later would become his agent Marty Baum, who unfortunately passed away recently as one of the biggest agents in Hollywood. However, back in the 70s Marty Baum was head of Columbia production, and Manny cut a deal for the foreign rights for upfront cash.

            Third, he got Lisa Minnelli, Michael York, and Joel Grey who had played (and dominated) the same role on Broadway, and was perfect for it.

            With Allied, still having a full distribution department, and offices across the country, he could handle domestic, and raised the money through the theater chains (how it was done back then).

            Manny had the script rewritten to focus on Michael York and Lisa Minnelli character. Bob Fosse shot over 12 hours of film that he brought to my dad 7 hours long. Manny told Fosse he had an hour (films did not go much past an hour in those days) and they worked together in the film room and got it down to about an hour and a half.

            The movie came out, and was screened first in NY famous theater, and then was a huge success around the country.

            It won Best Actor, Best Director, Best Supporting Actor, Best Writing, on and on but lost best picture to "The Godfather".

            He went on to exec produce as head of studio - Papillion, The Man who would be King, The Betsy, Twilight's Last Gleaming (bomb but first use of split screen or two four shots on the screen at same time, Tickle Me (w Elvis Presley), and many others in his almost decade reign as Head of Studio and Executive Producer for Allied Artist, which was sold to Lorimer in late 1970s.