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            Mariusz Kotowski


            Film director / producer Mariusz Kotowski has devoted his life to a career in the arts. It is a career that has allowed him to leave his childhood home in Poland, train and work throughout Europe, and continue his creative growth in the United States. Through discipline, intensity, and passion, it is a career that has brought Mariusz Kotowski to realize his life-long dream: to direct full-length, feature films.

            His first film project, a documentary, combines his love of classic cinema and appreciation for his homeland. Life Is a Dream in Cinema: Pola Negri (2006) premiered to two overflow screenings at The Museum of Modern Art in New York City and went on to win several independent film awards. It presents the life and work of legendary Polish actress Pola Negri, once the most famous silent film star in the world. It also features commentaries from Academy Award-winner Hayley Mills and veteran actor Eli Wallach. He has also authored a book the "Pola Negri: Legend" published in Polish in Europe (2011). In development is a DVD Box Set of Pola Negri's early films.

            Mariusz's next projects were the narrative features, Esther's Diary (2010) and Deeper and Deeper (2010). "Esther's Diary" explores the internal conflicts that haunt survivors and descendants (both Jewish and Christian) of the Polish holocaust. "Deeper and Deeper" is Mariusz's delves into the psychological-thriller genre (an area made popular by one akin to one of his heroes, Alfred Hitchcock).

            Both films were developed and shot in Austin, Texas,through his company, Bright Shining City Productions. Scripts are being developed in a film noir genre, as well as a suspense mystery film.