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            Julius R. Nasso


            A 1976 graduate of St. Johns University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Pharmacy, Julius received an advance degree in doctor of pharmacy from University of Connecticut College of Pharmacy. In 1974, while still a student, he formed Universal Marine Medical Supply, Co. the largest international supply company servicing medical supply for both crew and passenger to Cruise Ships, Tankers, Freighters, and Off Shore Rigs. Currently Julius is CEO of UMMSC, which maintains offices in New York, Miami, Houston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New Orleans and three international offices in Southampton England, Singapore and Athens, Greece.

            In 1977 he along with his college professor Dr. Satish Patel, Julius formed Tishcon Corporation, one of the largest private labeling Vitamin and Health Supplement manufacturing plants in Westbury, New York. In 1978 along with Xavier Roberts he created Cabbage Patch "Babyland General Hospital Store" located on 41st street and 5th avenue in Manhattan and was part of the worldwide Cabbage Patch craze. It was at Babyland General Hospital where Julius got to meet Steve Ross, then current CEO of Time Warner who was an instrumental part in assisting Julius in obtaining an overall production deal at Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank, California.

            In 1980, while paralleling his career in pharmaceutical distribution, he accepted a position as a personal assistant to director Sergio Leoni. Under Leoni, Julius worked on the New York portion of "Once Upon a time in America", and participated in the development of 2 films "In God"s Name" and "Saint Peters Banker". It was at this time that Julius began to attend courses in film production and numerous seminars at Cinacita Studios in Rome Italy. From 1981 to 1983, while still developing projects with Leoni, Julius went on to produce a television pilot for a Fox TV show entitled "Behind the 8 Ball', starring Jerry Orbach, John Amos, and Jimmy Baio.

            Julius's next venture was as Head Of International Promotions for 1986's action film "Above the Law". This led to a 17 year producing partnership with Warner Brothers Studios, where Julius was responsible for producing a series of action blockbusters including, "Hard to Kill", "Marked for Death", "Out for Justice", "Under Siege I and II', "On Deadly Ground", "Glimmerman", "Fire Down Below", and "Patriot".

            After a 17 year tenure at Warner Brothers Studios as a Producer Julius relocated back to New York and was the co-founder of Manhattan Pictures. It was here that Julius produced and distributed "Enigma" starring Kate Winslet, "Secret Lives of Dentists", and one of Jean-Luc Godards films, "In Praise of Love". Paralleling Manhattan Pictures Julius created Julius R. Nasso Productions, which produced award winning films including "Prince of Central Park", starring Kathleen Turner, Danny Aiello, Kathy Moriarty, Jerry Orbach and Harvey Keitel; and "One Eyed King", starring William Baldwin, Dash Myhok, Armand Assante, Jason Gedrick, Connie Britton, and Chazz Palminteri.

            Julius' best achievement was producing "Narc", starring Jason Patrick, Ray Liotta, and Busta Rhymes, which in 2002 won Sundance Film Festivals Best Picture. Following Narc, Julius produced "In Enemy Hands", starring William Macy, Til Schweiger, Lauren Holly, and Scott Caan; and "The Poet", starring Roy Schneider and Daryl Hannah, and Nina Dobrev.

            Since 2006 Julius has been working as Harry Belafonte's producer on a number of projects including "Sing Your Song" and "Another Night In The Free World". "Sing Your Song" is a biographical documentary which surveys the life and times of singer/actor/activist Harry Belafonte. "Another Night In The Free World" is his first movie documentary promoting nonviolence.

            Julius is also in production of two live events, "Unstoppapble" and "Origins". "Unstoppable", the follow up to "We Are The World", is a live event which will be the first to be broadcast internationally with Worldplay who has developed compressed technology that will allow viewers to watch live HD video on their computers worldwide. "Origins" will provide audiences with unique a mix of live action entertainment and 3D video to tell a tale of the origins of life and its evolution.

            Julius, a 20-year Directors Guild of America member, is also a highly respected philanthropist, having been honored by countless civic leaders and institutions for his tireless charitable works. Currently Julius is the co-founder of Belafonte Arts and Media located in Manhattan, has many projects in development and is still the current C.E.O. of UMMSC International.