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            Kathleen Gati


            Multi award-winning actress, Kathleen Gati was born and raised in Canada by Hungarian immigrants and was brought up in an artistic environment. Her father was a symphony conductor and her mother was an opera singer, so performing was in her blood. She started acting at the age of three, wrote, directed and starred in her first play at the age of eight. She pursued ballet and acting till the age of twenty, when she moved to New York to study acting full time.

            After performing in dozens of plays both on and Off Broadway, as well as working in numerous roles on television and in film, Kathleen traveled to Hungary for the film, Goldberg variaciok (1992) for which she won the Hungarian Best Supporting Actress Award.

            She won yet another Best Actress Award at the Los Angeles Hungarian Film Festival November, 2011, for her lead role in Retrace.

            She subsequently stayed on in Hungary for five years, during which time she starred in numerous films, television series and several movies of the week winning multiple additional awards along the way. Her performance in Hungary's biggest hit of the 1990s, Sose halunk meg (1993), (We Never Die - which made the final 35 films selected for Best Foreign Film Entries for the Academy Awards) made her an extremely popular actress in Eastern and Central Europe.

            She returned to the United States to pursue her career in Los Angeles where she lives and works today.