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            Clifford Odets


            Clifford Odets dropped out of high school to pursue acting. In the 1930s he became a charter member of the Group Theatre, the famous "Method" acting troupe founded by Harold Clurman, Lee Strasberg and Cheryl Crawford. Beginning with "Waiting for Lefty" (1935), Odets quickly became the most famous young playwright in America. In the next four years he wrote five more plays, including "Awake and Sing!"; "Golden Boy" and "Rocket to the Moon", whose histrionics well suited the Group's exuberant style. On his first Hollywood assignment he met (and soon married) Luise Rainer, but they lived together only briefly. Between reconciliations with Rainer, Odets had a stormy, tempestuous affair with Frances Farmer. His other conquests included Fay Wray and a host of less famous women, including stage actress Betty Grayson, who became his second wife.

            In 1934 - Odets joined the American Communists Party; he left the party a few months later. In 1952 - Odets was called before the House Un-American Activities Committee as a "friendly witness". He disavows Communism, and he "confirms names" of fellow Communists. He only said the names of people already mentioned to HUAC, and did not give any new names to the committee.

            Odets was not himself 'blacklisted' by the HUAC.