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            Frank Burt


            A favorite of both James Stewart and Jack Webb, Frank Burt was a prolific writer of radio and television stories, especially during the 1950s. In radio, his series writing credits include "The Whistler," "Hallmark Hall of Fame," and "The Unexpected." Burt created the well- regarded radio series "The Six Shooter" for Stewart and wrote all but one of its episodes. Stewart purchased three of Burt's scripts and later produced them for television, while the remainder were adapted for television as "The Restless Gun" starring John Payne (although, oddly enough, Burt was uncredited for the use of his character on the pilot to Payne's series). Burt's relationship with Stewart was to continue with a collaboration on one of Stewart's Westerns, "The Man from Laramie." Other writing credits including scripts for Jack Webb's landmark television series "Dragnet." A Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Stanford University, Burt died at 38, suddenly and unexpectedly, from a heart attack, in 1958. At the time of his death, Burt was supervising pilot scripts at the Hecht-Hill-Lancaster company.