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            Marieh Delfino


            Marieh Delfino's career is a study in variations. From her first starring role in the cult Saturday morning hit "All About Us," to her intense performance in the blockbuster "Jeepers Creepers 2". Gracing National Lampoons "Dorm Dayz" as the sexy and comedic genius Jerry Farber while simultaneously appearing as Crane Junior's shy girlfriend in the critically acclaimed "Auto Focus, starring William Defoe and Greg Kinear, Marieh Delfino constantly keeps us guessing. Her extraordinary upbringing could be the catalyst of her chameleonic ability to effortlessly and elegantly take on such a variety roles. Marieh has always excelled in the arts, studying classical piano and modern dance since the age of 8, but mostly concentrating on intensive theater. However, contrary to the typical art kid cliché, Marieh strived in athletics and managed to make the honor roll every year at her academically cut throat high school in Miami, Florida. So scholastically accomplished was she, that she was chosen out of thousands of high school kids as the one student representing her state as its "National Young Leader". Crowned a merit scholar she was chosen to visit congress in Washington DC to attend banquets and debates, essentially acting as a politician for a week. There she met with congressmen and women as well as President Clinton, where they engaged daily in educational discussions on various "current events".

            Adding to her previous acting achievements, Marieh starred in David E. Kelley's "Boston Public" as the tough Queens-bred hard-ass turned straight-A student Denise Demarcos. Her character was faced with the decision to get an abortion at the ripe young age of 17, making her particular story arch a very compelling and haunting subject matter. Such a heart-wrenching topic was only made indisputable by the mesmerizing and frail evoking performance Marieh single handedly delivered. Her uncanny and limitless ability to jump into characters has allowed Marieh to soar above preconceived notions, thus making her truly believable as an all American girl next door as well as a troubled teen of any ethnic background. That in itself is a very rare trait seldom found in one person. Marieh will be seen as the starring role in "Zerophilia", a lighthearted comedy about a boy coming of age where upon entering his sexual prime he finds that he has turned into a woman. Simultaneously she will also be seen as a trashy Cuban teenager alongside sister Majandra Delfino in the much anticipated Wim Wenders vehicle "Don't come Knocking" starring Sam Shepard, Tim Roth and Jessica Lange. Here Marieh showcases her knack for dialects as well as her repeating chameleonic resolve.