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            Jesper Binzer


            Jesper was born in Copenhagen in 1965. He and his brother Jacob aka Cobber, both had a great interest in music. They grew up both in the rising Rock'n'Roll culture in Copenhagen in the mid/late 70s and 80s.

            Together with Stig Pedersen and Peter L. Jensen they formed the band "Disneyland After Dark" in 1982, though they were first really noticeable in 1983. The band was a immediate success, although they had a rule about bringing a new thing to each concert. In 1984 the band really saw its limitation's with only one guitarist, whom at the same time did lead vocals.

            In 1984 was the year when Jacob was brought in, and he was a better guitar player than Jesper, so even though he was supposed to only be with the band one time, he became a regular, creating the band that haven't had a change until 1998 where Peter left the band, leaving the drums to Torleif, a friend of the band, until in 1999 when Laust Sonen joined in.