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            William Tannen


            Raised in New York City, Bill graduated from Boston University and returned to New York to pursue a career in advertising. He created the famous "Girl Watchers" theme/campaign for Diet Pepsi which won 4 Clio's and the musical theme became a smash hit record covered by over 100 artists. He started Sunday Productions to produce and direct television commercials. He also directed his first film, the short subject "Eulogy for R.F.K." which opened at the New York Film Festival with "Battle of Algiers". The film was released theatrically by Grove Press. In 1972 Bill moved to Los Angeles and continued to direct award-winning commercials working all over the world. (He has won 5 Clios (Pepsi, Diet Coke, Air France, McDonald's & Ford). In 1984 Bill directed his first feature, "Flashpoint" for Tri Star and HBO. He has directed ten other feature films for Cannon, Village RoadShow, Disney, ShowTime, Millenium, LifeTime, etc. Bill has directed several television series', a television special with Charlie Rose and music videos. Bill won a Grammy for conceiving and directing the Commodore's music video "Night Shift" (Lionel Ritchie had just gone solo). He has also worked with The Temptations, The Four Tops, The Turtles, Martha & The Vandellas, Lou Christie and many others. Besides working primarily in Los Angeles and New York, Bill has directed in South Africa, The Czech Republic, Europe, New Zealand, Austrailia, Canada, Mexico and South America. In 2011 Professor Tannen (title only) was invited to teach a series of advanced Directing Workshops at the Eicar International Film School in Paris. Bill returned to Paris and Eicar in January 2012 to teach again. He will return to Paris in January 2013 to conduct a Masters and Bachelor's of Arts Workshop in Advanced Directing at the Eicar Intl. Film School.