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            David Winning


            David Winning was born in Calgary, Canada in 1961. He is a US/Canada Dual Citizen. At twenty-two, he directed his debut feature Storm (1987) with just $50,000. It was released theatrically by Cannon International in April 1988 and later distributed by Warner Home Entertainment in 1989; selling over 20,000 copies. His second feature Killer Image (1992) starring Michael Ironside and veteran character actor M. Emmet Walsh released through Paramount Home Entertainment and received its US Premiere as a Finalist at the 1992 Houston International Film Festival.

            Writing and producing two early independent features led to an award-winning two decades as guest Director for Paramount Pictures Television, MGM, Cannell Films, Nickelodeon, Disney, ABC Television, Tribune and the Fox Network. His episodic work has garnered international awards including Twenty-Two First Place Golds/Platinums since 1994 at the Houston International Film Festival, the 1995 Gold Hugo and Two Silver Hugo's from the Chicago International Film Festival, and four national Gemini nominations for Best Director/Dramatic Series. In 2002 he received a National Award from the Director's Guild for Outstanding Achievement in Television Drama; nominated again in 2006. His third feature, the Lance Henriksen thriller Profile for Murder (1996) debuted on HBO, followed by the release of the Kim Cattrall/Eric McCormack thriller Exception to the Rule (1997) for Artisan and Lion's Gate Films which won Best Thriller at the Houston Film Festival.

            He was directing network television at the age of twenty-seven for Paramount's series "Friday the 13th" (1987). Twenty-five years of episodic production has included the Showtime/Disney western anthology "Dead Man's Gun" (1997), the USA Network Series "Matrix" (1993) with Carrie-Anne Moss, and the pilot and first six episodes of the UPN/FOX series "Breaker High" (1997) with Ryan Gosling. In the summer of 1996 he re-teamed with Michael Ironside and Frederic Forrest for the Universal military thriller One of Our Own (1997). His theatrical release, Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie (1997) for 20th Century Fox, was the 4th Highest selling Video in the U.S. in August 1997 (Billboard). Winning spent that fall shooting in Scotland with Jason Connery on the Merlin (1998) (TV) project. Next he directed the Patrick Duffy/Pam Dawber thriller Don't Look Behind You (1999) (TV) which premiered to 2 million viewers on the Fox Family Channel. In recent years dividing time between features and episodic work on ABC's "Dinotopia" (2002/I) , filming for three months in Budapest, Pax's Angel series "Twice in a Lifetime" (1999) , Jack London's "Call of the Wild" (2000), and Gene Roddenberry's twin sci-fi series "Earth: Final Conflict" (1997) and "Andromeda" (2000) starring Kevin Sorbo. His "Stargate: Atlantis" (2004) Season One episode "Childhood's End" won 3 awards for Best Direction in 2005; New York, Houston and Chicago. More recently Winning directed Kevin Sorbo, Robert Englund, and Bruce Dern in a trilogy of monster movies for the Sy Fy Channel and Hallmark Entertainment (New York) as well as episodes of the Lifetime vampire series "Blood Ties" (2006). In 2011 he supervised and directed the far north adventure series "Yukonic!" (2011) and helmed episodes of the new series "Todd and the Book of Pure Evil" (2010) for the Space Channel and "Lost Girl" (2010) and "XIII: The Series" (2011) for SYFY Channel and Showcase.