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            David Kirkpatrick


            Producer David Kirkpatrick has been a producer and motion picture executive for most of his professional life. He graduated from California Institute of the Arts in 1974 where producer, Ray Stark, underwrote his education. While at Cal Arts, he was the Teaching Assistant to Alexander Mackendrick, Dean of Film and director of such films as "Man In The White Suit" and "Sweet Smell of Success".

            David got his start in the business from Roger Corman where he wrote "The Great Texas Dynamite Chase" which was directed by Michael Pressman. For fifteen years, David worked at Paramount Pictures where he began as a story editor and Vice President, becoming President of the Motion Picture Group in 1990. As an executive, he oversaw such pictures as "Witness" and "Top Gun" and franchises including "Indiana Jones", "Star Trek", "Friday The 13th", and the Jack Ryan and "Beverly Hills Cop" series. At Paramount, he worked with a diverse group of directors including Peter Weir, Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola; and with motion picture stars, most notably Eddie Murphy and Harrison Ford. In the years 1987 to 1988, he worked briefly at Disney where he was President of Production for both Touchstone Pictures and Walt Disney Pictures.

            In 1993, David became a producer on the Paramount lot where he produced "The Brady Bunch Movie" and "The Evening Star". In 1996, David started his own company, Original Voices, focusing on small independent productions. During that period, he produced such acclaimed pictures as "Big Nigh" and "The Opposite of Sex", and the miniseries for HBO, "Rasputin" which won the Golden Globe for Best miniseries.

            In 2008, David founded the MIT Center For Future Storytelling in Cambridge Massachusetts The center's mission is to explore the survival of long- form narrative in a disruptive world of fractured attention spans and "snack culture". He teaches Christian Worldview, working with a para-church concern known as the Rock Organization. David is developing a motion picture on the life of Jesus Christ. David is a member of the Producers Guild of America and of the Executive Branch of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences.