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            Linda Holdahl


            Linda Holdahl was born and raised in Miami, Florida, and is American. Linda is of Puerto Rican and Norwegian decent giving her the ability to be "Fire and Ice". She is also bi-lingual speaking Spanish and English. Linda is a multi-talented and unique creative artist who has played a variety of diverse characters and uses many outlets to release herself artistically from acting, dancing, singing, writing and drawing. The first time Linda was ever on television was in Miami, Florida on a show called "Popeye's Playhouse" at the age of 4. She comes from a very talented family as well. Her father Theodore (Ted) Holdahl now a Jazz musician playing saxophone and trombone, her mother Natividad (Naty) Rosado a lover of dancing and an artist. Her sister Doris Holdahl Reis, a singer and piano player and her grandmother Alene Holdahl who was an artist, marionette maker and performer, who was often a guest on many talk shows in the past and even had her own TV show with her marionettes.