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            Penny Gibbs


            Penny Gibbs is a busy actress in the Detroit area. She just completed a wonderful supporting role in the feature film Cedar Rapids last in which her character was directly involved with Ed Helms, Mike O'Malley, Anne Heche, John C Reilly among others for the core of the movie. She can also be seen in a Harley Home Improvement commercial, a Trident layers commercial and a Baker College commercial where she had the lead in all three.

            She is usually cast as the loving mother/wife/friend types but also really enjoys playing over the top roles with a bit of an edge, her sweet demeanor is a great juxtaposition for that.

            Her acting teacher describes her as an "emotional actress with a sensitivity and depth of emotion" and she usually finds that directors want to make her cry!

            Her role in a short called Oily Pen Stuff for the Sundance Film Festival was hailed by the director who told us "Sharon, the footage turned out awesome. I LOVE the lady you got, and her "Come back here you little punk" is so far the best part of the entire short." The director in her feature film said about her suicide performance in Politics of Street Crime "Penny was heartbreaking as the tragic mother of Monique. With blood splattered everywhere and tears in her eyes, Penny performed a classic suicide scene worthy of Meryl Streep." Her latest performance as Emma Fisherman had the director and crew in tears as she wept trying to aid a dying friend to the afterlife.

            Penny would describe herself somewhere between Susan Sarandon (whose work she admires greatly), Sally Field and Ellen Barkin, but she is younger than these talented ladies. In addition, she is also comfortable playing slightly neurotic, funny roles such as Shelly Long and Meg Ryan.

            Her years of training at the Actors Workshop has taught her much. She was pushed well beyond her comfort zone everyday and it helped her to grow as a person and as an actress as well as teach her the art of improve.

            She is also proud that she landed an interview with Lord of the Rings actor, Billy Boyd while on location in Sault Ste. Marie Canada while they were filming Ecstasy. She had a part as an extra and he graciously permitted her an interview for a web site she runs.