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            David Goodall


            Award-winning director David Goodall began working in Theatre in 1981; almost concurrently he was acting, fight directing and composing. In 1982 he directed an acclaimed production of "The Caretaker" for Tryst Theatre, with whom he subsequently directed "Rosencrantz and Guidenstern Are Dead" - of which the Guardian Review said "Quite, quite extraordinary" - both productions starred Cal Macanninch.

            He spent quite some time in London, working as an assistant engineer at the Boundary Row Studios, and has worked on producing singles and albums for various groups and individuals; mixing the score for Paul Campion's "The Devil's Rock" and producing and engineering the 2010 Nigerian World Cup single - "One"

            In 2010, he completed two award-winning films: "Crush" and "Changed Days", and began working on the Scottish-Cypriot comedy "Sex, Chips and Ouzo" with Kathleen Ruddy.

            As a fight director, David has worked on such long-running, gritty shows as "Taggart" and "Rebus". He has choreographed the violence for "Red Road" with Tony Curran, "That Old One" with Kevin McKidd and Paddy Considine's acclaimed directorial debut "Dog Altogether" with Peter Mullan.

            David began composing in the early eighties, writing for theatre, chamber ensembles and small choral groups. His composition work has taken him all over the world, and his experience ranges from writing and producing pop songs to composing choral and orchestral commissions. His music has been used in projects as diverse as the world premiere of Derek Walcott's adaptation of "The Odyssey", a choral piece for the funeral of Domenico Chiocchetti, (principal artist of the Italian Chapel in Orkney), and the Irn Bru Can Clan campaign. Feature Films include: "Fallen Angels", "In The Dark", "Hamlet" & "To Have and to Hold". TV: "Eikon", "Wild Harvest" & "Zig Zag"; he has worked on award-winning commercials and idents, and has won a Silver Rose for Best Sound Design.

            David as brought up between Italy, France and Scotland. His mother still lives in southern Italy, and he speaks several languages. His only training was as a chef, and he often handles the catering on smaller shoots!