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            Ted Thayer


            Born in Oswego, New York, to Floyd James & Betsy May (Downey) Thayer. Has 2 other siblings, one being a younger sister who is also an actress, who lives in Wilmington, NC. Other sibling is an older brother who lives in New Bern, NC. His parents were traveling ministers for The Salvation Army. He graduated from Wakefield Memorial High School, in Massachusetts, in 1993 and started taking gigantic interest in entertainment. Ted grew up watching a lot of television, mainly classic comedies like Abbott & Costello shows and features, "I Love Lucy", and (his favorite) The Three Stooges. He also enjoys, immensely, watching a lot of cartoons, where he quickly learned he could imitate many character voices. On last count, he found he could imitate, approximately, 20 cartoon character voices. He also enjoys imitating vocals of classic celebrities who had been animated or had done 'character acting' like Burt Lahr, W.C. Fields, and Edward G. Robinson. He says his main influence for doing his vocal characterizations came from listening to three of his favorite vocal performers of all-time: Mel Blanc, June Foray and Peter Cullen. Ted also credits his wife, Kelly, for helping him get as far as he has in his budding career.