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            Eric Forsberg


            Eric Forsberg was born and raised in America's improvisational hotbed, Chicago. His father, Rolf Forsberg, a successful independent filmmaker and his mother, Josephine Forsberg, the foremost improv-comedy instructor at 'The Second City', made certain that Eric was involved from the start. As a boy Eric watched his mother train and direct such talents as Bill Murray, Harold Ramis, 'Betty Thomas' and Brandon Tartikoff.

            On projects with his father, young Eric worked as a PA, an assistant editor and eventually landed a job in the make-up department on The Late Great Planet Earth (1979) starring Orson Welles. Eventually he acquired a super 8mm camera and shot movies of his own. His earliest films were often inspired by his favorite childhood authors, J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis, and the favorite films of his youth.

            As soon as he was old enough Eric took classes at 'The Second City', performing in a variety of shows and later writing them. His first produced one-act was written at the age of 17, his first full play at 18 and his first musical with score at 20. By the start of college Eric's film-work had reached festivals and the public, yielding a bounty of successful pictures including It Took Guts (1979), a punk comedy-gore-short which reached cult status in the early 1980s and toured Europe and Japan (where there is a cocktail table book that features it).

            After receiving his BFA in film and music from Tufts University, Eric began writing, directing and producing full time. He produced and directed his original shows at The Chicago Symphony Orchestra, 'The Second City' Children's Theater, Performer's Arena, the Bristol Faire and many independent theaters in Metropolitan Chicago. Eric's favorite job was with Six Flags/Great America where he worked for JPM Productions on the Fright Fest's annual Halloween event. For four seasons he worked as the street Director and eventually the artistic, then casting director, overseeing over 200 performers in more than a dozen shows and haunted houses for a live audience in excess of 50,000 people per day.

            Eric's early television credits include writing and directing special segments (1988-1993) for _The Bozo Show (1980)_ on WGN, the super-station. During this time Eric held the position of Marketing Director and Resident Producer for Players Workshop, at the time one of Chicago's largest commercial theatrical companies, responsible for numerous touring shows, corporate training/videos and talent development programs. Eric was also hired by 'The Second City' to instruct and direct improv comedy groups for the newly created Training Center stages. Among the people passing through the shows and classes at this time were Chris Farley, Bonnie Hunt, Tim Meadows, Bob Odenkirk, 'Amy Sadaris' and Mike Myers.

            After producing and directing over sixty plays, musicals & comedy revues, Eric was offered the job of Artistic Director for all Halloween Shows produced for the Six Flags theme parks East of the Mississippi, a move which would have relocated Eric to their offices in Marietta, Georgia. As quickly as he could Eric left the meeting, quit his job, packed his car, put his condo up for sale and moved to Los Angeles to pursue his first and deepest love, film.

            Over the 4 ½ years since then Eric has worked on 7 features, 5 shorts, 2 pilots and 26 episodes of a television series, in such positions as Associate Producer, Head Writer, Director, 1st & 2nd AD, Casting Director, Production Coordinator and Field Producer. Eric is a member of the DGA, the WGA and the Dramatists Guild. He is a founding member of The Second City Training Center in Los Angeles where he teaches improv and directs satirical revues. On Halloween 1998, Eric was married to Karen Goodman, a former producer turned professional chef. The following year their daughter, Carlota Juliangela was born. A few days later Eric left for four months in the South Pacific as the writer and field producer on a scientific adventure show. Eric is presently working on the comedy-horror feature, Pretty Hungry, AKA Cannibal Beauty Queens.