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            Paul Weaver


            Born in Philadelphia, Paul Weaver had a 23-year career in the Navy. With a degree in Computer Science from Boston University, he taught college for a couple years before working as an independent computer network consultant for ten years.

            He starting acting at age of 57. Studied scene techniques with Delaware Theater Company's Gigi Naglak; acting techniques with Donna Marrazzo of Donna Marrazzo Studio in New York; film acting with Mike Lemon of Mike Lemon Casting in Philadelphia; Audition techniques with Ann Gillette; Voice Over with Tim Schock; Teleprompter with Lois Waelchli; and One-to-one mentoring with John Windsor-Cunningham in New York.

            Paul has been featured in industrial and commercial work and had his film speaking breakthrough as a commercial spokesman in "Saddle Up with Dick Wrangler and Injun Joe."