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            Dean Constantin


            Dean Constantin Gaigani, born on September 30th, in Belgium, the north of Europe, to Hellenic parents, is today living between Ireland, Luxembourg and keeps traveling to the USA in order to touch his dreams. Since his childhood, he was embarked into an unconditional world, by having had life's experiences in various North and South European countries but also USA. After a short period spent in Denver, Colorado and while he was only 6, his parents decided to move back to Europe in order to pursue an unknown destiny. Feeling lost and without knowing which country's ethics follow and while living on a delirious psychic and wistful dilemma, he pretty soon realized that he was certainly born for the real dramaturgy. The concept of ethnicity has been indeed a central part of social theories but when it comes to his life's theory, we could say that mixing his blood with all the lands that he had the chance or misfortune to explore, today, these same lands make of him a real Son of Earth. Since being a little child, he always used to draw pictures and describe experiences into a secret little note book and thus, while walking, exploring and singing his dreams, the murmurs of his heart declared a real passion and love for movie pictures and inexhaustible writings. While being a good student at school, at the age of 15 and with his father's consent and excessively protective mother's protests, he dropped out of home in order to pursue a professional sport's career in the South of Europe, dreaming about a first successful scenario allowing thus to offer a deserved big gift to his family who was also striving for a better idyllic future. Sadly, this same experience turned to a nightmare, including several injuries, which pushed him to pack back in order to pursue with his studies and follow the wishful destiny of his heart's pen. After this precocious professional sport's career and at the age of 18, after graduating in Political and Social Sciences at school he entered the Conservatory of Arts in Belgium where he studied Theatre and Music in English and French. Dean was a gifted vocalist and comedian and his teachers were seeing a promising talent providing him thus with prosperous embraces. In 1997, at the age of 20 and while studying for his Bachelor in Arts and Audiovisual Sciences, he was elected Leader and Presenter for an ultimate challenging act taking place in the historical cities of Nimes, Marseille in the South of France. Dean had already planned to turn this animation into an apocalyptic and memorable theatre spectacle. His dreams were finally starting to see the horizon as at the same time and after a remarkable audition, his theatre coach was giving him a prosperous chance to lead the role of Don Juan de Marco. At this stage, Dean Constantin Gaigani, was planning his career, wishing thus upon his return from France to catch a lucky flight for America and start his real acting lessons during summer. In November 1997, at around of 11.30am, the glory lights turned off and then, nothing, nothing for a very long period, as long as infinite months, hitting, smashing and breaking everything. This next chapter was and is something requiring strong nerves indeed. After a serious injury, Dean was entering the post-traumatic unit in the Hospital of Nimes, leaving his body and heartbeat into science. He was admitted with a serious Occipital wound, a broken neck and Spinal Cord injury that left him Tetraplegic for a very long "nightmare". This was indeed the most scary scenario of his entire life, a scenario were he saw the most scary movies scrolling in front of his eyes and inert paralyzed body. From Dr Jeckyl's scary hands to Frankenstein's lovely haircut, he was truly admitted as one of their brothers. All his dreams were scrolling deep in his mind and he was unable to shout but only condemned to resist and pray the Lord, while his athletic body and weight was dropping down to 92Pounds and his charismatic profile was now looking like Prodigy's haircut. But he did not lose his power and his brain was writing the next chapters of an unknown life's scenario! Well, the rest of the story remains a unique bunch of courageous scenes and nearly after 9months, Dean was miraculously back on his feet and seriously back to the industry. His thirst and will was on his peak but his credits were lost and his artistic CV was looking empty. After a long period of reeducation and plural writings, Dean Constantin was living the most painful dilemma of his entire life. He was condemned to follow a path that he had not chosen but a path offering an opportunity to re built a life and avoid thus starving consequences. By meeting with his older brother in the Grand duchy of Luxembourg, back from Australia, he had no better choice than opting for some jobs and started thus working as an accountant and progressively climbed some steps allowing him to become a recognized Project Manager thanks to his charisma and natural communications skills. But feeling stronger than ever, his heart and passion's tears were somewhere else! On a parallel way, he had the chance to be auditioned for various charismatic roles and after some interesting experiences through feature movies, as far as "De-Lovely", thanking here Mr. Kevin Klein, Ashley Judd and Irwin Winkler's for their great spirit, "Gille's Wife" by Frederic Fonteyne, thanking his fellow friends and casting directors, such as Valerie Schiel, Katja Wolf and Monique Durlacher for their remarkable support and prosperous embraces, thus, his persistence was on his peak and while doubling his efforts, he had the opportunity to meet with Michael Radford were he was auditioned for the role of Leonardo, providing him here with an opportunity to act side by side with Al Pacino, Jeremy Irons and Joseph Fiennes through the Merchant of Venice. After a remarkable audition and a contract signed, Dean Constantin was close to his first real success but a last minute sad event was finally dropping him out of the scene. Meanwhile and while being in excellent terms with the Production, the management in Luxembourg offered to pay back his contract but Dean gently refused any cent and spent the next six months isolated at his country home in order to write down his next scenario and focused also on his own music and singing compositions by recording valuable singles, integral part of his screenplays. He thus continued with Tempesta by Tim Disney, thanking here his fellow actors for their professional support while acting a Journalist and thus pursued with Starfly by Beryl Koltz, acting a unit care doctor, giving thus a real life to Rob Stanley, alias Bobby Baxter, thanking Brigitte Kerger and Beryl for their kind support. Finally, he spent nearly three months in theaters, acting "Robin Good-fellow" alias Puck, through "Midsummer's night dream" and decided to leave for Ireland in order to focus on his writings. After nearly 3 years of exodus in Ireland, today, he is a gifted professional screenwriter and charismatic actor, fluent, native in English, French, Greek and able to converse in German, Italian and Spanish. But in other terms, he is able to speak the language of the world, the language of a spirit and mind that requires careful attention. Dean Constantin is considered as a natural multi-cultural and multi-ethical young talent, determined actor and professional registered author/screenwriter, having explored the earth as it could and picture should! A truly charismatic profile and definitely not a ghost waking up a sudden morning and wishing to be a STAR, not that way, but only the one that should make you think that the best creative mind is the one that brings out the genuine and discover the real wish to be. We could say, a "will" who kills the demons and dance with life's angels, because you see, analysis paralysis, is a term given to a situation where a dream of well-meaning minds enter into a phase of analysis that only ends when the project is canceled. Then comes, analysis of crisis and ebnefsis, where the term is given to a situation of sunny sparks entering into a phase of achievement! Consequently, he who loses wealth and health one day, loses much, he who loses a friend forever, loses more, but he that loses his will and thirst for a glorious spark in front of a black pattern, loses all...then, the easiest way remains to keep the will and Dean Constantin's deliriously episodic life, promise to build an unforgettable cinematographic era though his coming achievements. As a final parenthesis, Education has thus been an exciting marathon for him; but since the era of his precocious and apocalyptic nightmare, Dean followed with Communications, Business Management and Literature. After training hard through intensive acting classes both in Europe and Hollywood, California, as of today, Dean is only on his early 30's, dedicates his life to the industry and travels through the Continents in order to succeed and break the "wall". He lives between Luxembourg and California, USA, aiming to obtain his permanent US green card, which will allow him to extend and built his cinematographic era by sharing his passion and vision with his fellow co-workers. Being seriously back on business and he has been spotted through many additional features by being widely acclaimed.