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            Evelin Pang


            Evelin Pang is probably one of the most talented young actresses in Estonia. She was born on May 22, 1980 in Tallinn. The capitol of Estonia has been her home for her entire life. She went to school in Tallinn's 21st School, but since in 10th grade she became more interested in basketball than in maths, then she had to leave that school. She re-took her maths' tests and became a student for the Tallinn's 49th School (currently ARTE's Gymnasium), which she graduated in 1998 and on the same year she began her studies in Estonian Academy of Music's Higher Theater School under the watchful eye of Elmo Nüganen. That Evelin decided to study theater was a surprise for many people who knew her, because she had always been associated to music. She had learned piano in Tallinn's Children's Music School and she sings beautifully. But as it turned out the XX Course of Estonian Academy of Music's Higher Theater School is one of the most famous and luckiest. The young wannabe actors and actresses participated in Tallinn City Theater projects already when they were on the first course (when usually students are allowed on the stage on the third course). The grand finale of the XX Course was Nimed marmortahvlil (2002). All of the young 15 actors and actresses participated in the film. Since year 2002 Evelin works in Tallinn City Theater. From her course six shining stars went to work there, including her best friend Hele Kõre. Estonian Academy of Music's Higher Theater School was also the place where she met the love of her life Priit Võigemast who became her husband on July 29, 2005. Her amazing voice has brought her the roles of Betty Rizzo in the Estonian version of "Grease"; the role of Pille in a musical-play by Jaan Tätte "Kaotajad" and also the leading role in "Rise and Fall of the Silent Voice". Besides theater work in Tallinn City Theater and Nargen Opera the Estonian audience can see her since 2004 in the most famous Estonian TV series ever "Õnne 13", where she plays the role of Ursula-Amaranta Palm - the daughter of the Mayor of Morna who has problem with drugs that she trys to overcome. One of her newest projects is the film Stiilipidu (2005). Evelin has received Tallinn City Theater's Audience Award as Best Actress 2005 and also ESPAK Award 2005 as the Best Actress.