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            Stephen Rebello


            While vacationing in Los Angeles on a break from his position as a supervising Clinical Social Worker at a Harvard University teaching hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, Stephen Rebello secured an audience with one of his most respected heroes, Alfred Hitchcock. The meeting led to the 1980 publication of an interview in "The Real Paper," believed to be the last Hitchcock interview published before the great filmmaker's death that same year. The interview was picked-up for national and international syndication. Relocating from Boston, Massachusetts to Santa Monica, California, Rebello gradually shifted from clinical practice to journalism, writing for several magazines and newspapers publishing, among other pieces, a lengthy Cinefantastique cover story on Hitchcock making the classic thriller "Psycho." In 1990, Rebello won acclaim for his book-length study "Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of 'Psycho'," which has been translated into international editions in France, Germany, Italy and Japan and which helped put the author on the lecture and personal appearance circuit. As a journalist and magazine contributing editor, he became noted for widely quoted interviews and arts and entertainment-related pieces for such magazines as Playboy, GQ, Movieline, Saturday Review, American Film, Cosmopolitan, Biography, More, Hollywood Life and Playboy, while becoming a frequent guest and media commentator on TV and radio. He has done audio commentary for a number of DVD special editions. Others of his books include the award-winning study of the pre-'50s heyday of American film advertising "Reel Art - Great Posters from the Golden Age of the Silver Screen" (with Richard C. Allen) and the satiric tribute to unintentionally hilarious big-budget Hollywood movies, "Bad Movies We Love" co-written with Edward Margulies. He has worked on screenplays for Disney animated feature film projects as well as a Disney original musical for ABC. A Los Angeles resident, in 2010, he is screenwriter and executive producer of a dramatic feature film for the Montecito Picture Company based on his book "Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of 'Psycho.'"